A List Of Renewable Energy Sources Available Today


Renewable energy sources are not just the dream of scientists interested in the environment. For years a broad spectrum of the scientific community has touted the development of renewable energy as the only way to ensure an economically viable future.

The good news is that renewable energy sources are viable right now, and are being implemented en masse all around the earth. Just take a look anywhere – from Argentina to South Africa, from Norway to Japan. Practically every country on earth has established a policy to produce a significant portion of their energy from renewable sources within the next six to ten years.

What are these? Take a moment to review this renewable energy sources list here. Included are five well known resources already in use today. As science develops more and better ways of tapping into these natural powerhouses, we will some day look to them as our principal sources of energy.

Renewable Biomass Energy

Biomass energy involves identifying and tapping into energy found in living things, particularly plant life. The concept is to specially grow plant materials that will be used either as fuel to generate electricity or as actual fuel to operate machinery. One example is grapeseed oil which is currently used as diesel fuel and can also be burned in heated fuel systems.

Biomass renewable energy sources are used very much the same way we use fossil fuels. They are cleaner, however, since they are carbon neutral. They can release only the amount of CO2 they absorbed during their lifetime.

Renewable Geothermal Energy

Are you aware heat rises from the core of the earth up to the crust? Huge quantities of hot water are available just under the earth’s surface. Scientists have learned ways to tap into this hot water supply by building geothermal power stations. This source of renewable energy is particularly common in areas where the earth’s crust is thinnest. There are many homes today heated and cooled using renewable geothermal energy.

Renewable Energy From The Ocean


Since the majority of the earth’s surface is covered by the oceans, any energy source list should include a way to tap into this source of power.

For years man has been using flowing water to generate energy. The oceans are a tremendous source of moving water — both in their natural tides and the waves they create. Scientists have now developed ways to convert the up and down movement of ocean waves to power turbines. Even ocean tides, with their ebbs and flows, are being used as a source of energy to turn turbines and thus generate power.

Renewable Energy From the Sun

Scientists tell us that the sun is the ultimate source of energy on the planet. The vast quantity of energy produced by the sun makes it the single largest renewable energy source available to man.

Scientists today are working hard to develop ways of easily converting the sun’s energy into power we can use and huge advances have been made in recent years. Solar panels are coming down in price while becoming much more efficient at collecting the sun’s energy.

Renewable Energy From The Wind

Wind is another unlimited source of power. Wind generators have been used for several decades and are one of the simplest, cleanest ways to generate energy. At the present time, it takes too much land to supply massive amounts of energy. Much work is being done, however, to find feasible ways to develop wind farms offshore.

All of the renewable energy sources list above are being heavily researched even as you read this. It makes sense they will become even more economically viable in the next one or two decades. It is time to finally start weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels!